• Km12, Boulevard Ahl Laghlam، Casablanca 20600


PROMINOX has one of the most modern workshops worldwide, our production facilities cover over 45,000 m2, equipped with a young and performant machinery fleet. We use edge technologies for fabrication, and we comply with almost all applicable codes and standards.

Our workshops are divided into zones:

  • Cutting
  • Shaping
  • Assembly and Welding
  • Mechanical and precision
  • Finishing and surface treatment


Through own means and exclusive partnerships, PROMINOX have a consequent capacity for works on sites in many countries.

Site organization and TSF:

  • 4,000+m2 of modular offices
  • Living quarters for up to 350 people
  • First Aid clinics
  • 5,000+m2 of temporary workshops
  • 10,000+m2 of warehouses
  • Dry storage and thermal storage

Erection means:

  • 10,000+m3 of scaffolding
  • 15+ Skylifts
  • Access to stock of 180+ cranes
  • Access to stock of 500+ Diesel Generators
  • 350+ Welding machines
  • 36+ Welding robots (Mig/Mag, SAW)
  • 12 PWHT Machines


Prominox is proud to have one of the youngest and most modern fleet of machines in its workshops that provide all our needs in production.

Our machinery fleet is composed by the:

  • 4x Double head welding towers (up to 7 meters diameter: TIG, MIG, Plasma, SAW)
  • 2x Plasma longitudinal seam welding machines
  • 5x Rolling machines (up to 100mm thickness)
  • 3x Bending Machines
  • 2x Metal Shears machines
  • 2x Laser cutting machines (6000x3000mm, 7Kw)
  • 2x Plasma cutting machines (4000x13000mm, 140mm Th.)
  • 2x Dished heads forming machines
  • 1x Hydroforming machine
  • 6x Lathes and turning machines
  • 4x Radial drilling machines
  • 1x Boring Mill (World’s Largest)
  • 6x Orbital Welding Robots 48x SAW welding robots
  • 24x MIG/MAG welding tractors
  • 348x Welding machines
  • 6x Heat treatment machines


PROMINOX is a family of professionnal and skilled women and men. Our family is composed of engineers, technicians, clerks, welders, skilled workers, managers…

We count over 650 people, and we can extend to over 1200 people.

All our colleagues are experienced and trained in our internal Skills School that offers a wide range of trainings for our people and select candidates from various schools.